Overcoming The Storm

“I have HOPE because I am living proof that pain only makes you stronger.”

Autumn Sulouff


Autumn Sulouff, a rising special effects makeup artist, used her craft in a different way~ Suicide awareness. Here is what Sulouff had to say about her role as a prevention advocate and activist against mental health stigmas, her role as a survivor, and much more.

“I originally created this look for World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th) of last year. I created it because I’ve seen many people I care about struggle with suicidal thoughts, actions or lose their lives to it. At one point, I was that person. Now, I am able to see through the fog of my depression to the light at the end of the tunnel. I want people to see that they can do that too.

My goal upon creating this look was to get people talking about mental illness/suicide, force them to face it and educate themselves on it. I want others to understand why people feel the need to resort to suicide, the warning signs and ways to prevent it. When people are uneducated on the subject, they are so quick to judge and call the person “selfish.” These people aren’t “crazy,” they’re suffering.

I promote mental health awareness by educating people on mental illness through my own personal experience with it. I put up quite the fight against severe clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. When I finally found peace within myself and conquered my demons, it had been about 4 years after I was diagnosed, although it felt like forever. It took a lot of time and effort to get to where I am today but recovery was possible. I am extremely lucky that my parents were so patient with me during my healing process because without their support, I honestly can’t say I would be here today. So, when you see someone suffering, please reach out; be their support system and their guide to recovery.”

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