Being Different is a Beautiful Thing

Millie Barton

“I thought being bipolar and suffering from depression was something only crazy people did, so I labeled myself as crazy.

Mental illness can completely take over one’s life, and has a large impact on an individual’s self-esteem.  “Since I was in 7th grade, I hated everything about myself,” Barton said.  She recalls not having much self-love, and usually kept her sadness to herself. millie

Barton’s situation never seemed to get better, and she suffered from an emotional breakdown.  After realizing that she could no longer do it on her own, she accepted the help that was offered to her.  She went through a rehabilitation program where she learned how to live with her illnesses, and not let them control her life.

Getting help was not easy. “The hardest thing for me was accepting myself knowing I had these illnesses,” Barton said. “[Asking for help] can be scary.”

Barton’s courage to ask for help, however, helped her to see how strong her support system is at home.  “I am so grateful for my family,” Barton said.

Although every day is a struggle, she now takes the good with the bad, and has a positive outlook on life. “Having depression and being bipolar is not something that just goes away,” Barton said. “It’s something you have to maintain and deal with every single day.. it’s just the way you want to go around those things that can make things better or seem somewhat less worse.”
As for advice to those who are struggling, Barton shares that you have to be courageous.
“You have to be willing to overcome those obstacles and that’s something I have learned,” Barton said.
Barton’s goal now is to share her story with the hopes of inspiring others to seek help, be courageous, and find happiness.

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