What is it about the horses? #LetsTalkAboutIt

How About HOPE Founder Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw sat down with Jodi Barton, the Executive Director of New Kingdom Trailriders and two teenage volunteers to learn about their experiences with the therapeutic qualities of horseback riding (also known as equine therapy). Teens Kaitlyn and Marie shared how it’s so much more than just a ride.

Listen here

Do you want to support NKT?

Their Join the Journey event is scheduled for September 11th at the Bend Event Center in East Moline. The event is designed to celebrate their mission as well as a way to raise money for their program, riders and their herd of 14 horses.

They are also a part of Birdies for Charity. You can give to NKT by donating to hole number 144.

For more information, contact Jodie at jodie@nktriders.org or call 309-764-4220.